IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center (IT4Innovations) is part of VSB – Technical University of Ostrava as one of its research centres. IT4Innovations represents a strategic research infrastructure in the Czech Republic. IT4Innovations operates the most powerful supercomputing systems and conducts excellent research in the field of High Performance Computing (HPC), data analysis (HPDA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The first supercomputer installed at IT4Innovations was Anselm (94 TFlop/s, installed in the summer of 2013), the operation of which was ceased at the beginning of 2021. At present, IT4Innovations is running  supercomputers: Salomon (2 PFlop/s, installed in the summer of 2015), Barbora (849 TFlop/s, installed in the autumn of 2019), and the specialized NVIDIA DGX-2 system for artificial intelligence computation, (130 TFlop/s and 2 PFlop/s in AI, installed in the spring of 2019).

In cooperation with the EuroHPC JU initiative, bringing together important European supercomputing centres, the Karolina supercomputer with a peak performance of 15.7 PFlop/s was put in operation at IT4Innovations in 2021. On the year of its insatallation, Karolina became the most powerful supercomputer in the Czech Republic, 69th in the world according to the TOP500 ranking.