Doctoral School students study within the PhD study programmes focused on research and development of methods and algorithms for solving computationally intensive problems in various fields of science, technology, and practical applications as well as on their efficient implementation while utilizing the power of high-performance computing computational resources to their full extent.

Students are enrolled for studying within accredited PhD study programmes guaranteed by the Doctoral School partners with the Doctoral School itself establishing the environment where these programmes are interconnected and thus ensuring efficient sharing of its partners' know-how in solving particular dissertation projects.

Within the Doctoral School, students can enrol for courses offered across the partner consortium as well as participate in short-term internships at the partner institutions. Based on their contacts, they can also participate in internships abroad and in industrial sector. Moreover, they can perform their PhD studies under the joint supervision of two or more specialists from various partner institutions, industry, or cooperating institutions abroad (double-degree study form).  

The Doctoral School places great emphasis on mutual communication among students as well as between students and teachers. Not only for its students, it organizes thematically focused seasonal schools, specific intensive courses, seminars, and workshops. Last but not least, it provides an opportunity for its students to regularly meet at an annual student conference and discuss their dissertation results as well as challenges encountered therein, which they can cooperatively face.